Kcon Event


#Kcon LA 2017 is coming!

Are you excited for the Kcon Kpop and Hallyu extravaganza? (Click here for the schedule.) From what I’m hearing, it’s going to be spectacular. There’s discussion panels, games, concerts, and more!

My friend, author  Jennie Bennett is attending Kcon as a panelist, talking about books/fan-fiction. So stop by the fan-fiction panel to say hi.  She was kind enough to invite me to add a prize with her to the gift baskets for a couple of lucky fans at the Running Fan Game. (I’ve sent a paperback of Eun Na and the Phantom, and Evangeline.)

For those of you who don’t know, I write Asian based fantasy. (You can learn more my visiting My Books.) My three Joseon tales are these:


Each ebook retails for $2.99 individually.


You can get all three titles in one boxset for $4.99

joseon fairy tales purple2

What readers are saying:

joseonfairytales review1joseonfairytales review2

And don’t forget to stop by Roxbury Dragons for more Kpop and Kdrama inspired fiction.

It’s like a Korean drama, but in a book.


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