For the Love of Korea: Jennie Bennett’s Be a Star in a Kpop Romance Novel

This exciting contest is offered by Jennie Bennett.

kpop contest


How to enter:

Either publicly share the contest post on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter–or Snap, Tweet, Insta, or post on Facebook about one of my books, and tag me in the post.

That post is on her facebook page.  Sharing this blog post will not count towards an entry (although it is appreciated).

You’ll get one entry per social media share, per day.
Since writing a book is a huge undertaking, Jennie will not write it unless she gets 100 entrants (not entries, rather, individual persons participating. So the more you share, the better.)

Contest ends June 17th at midnight!
Facebook: Jennie Bennett
Instagram: @jenniefire
Twitter: @jabennettwrites
Snapchat: @jennie-fire


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For the Love of Korea: Her Unexpected Fate

When I started planning this event, I reached out to several authors. The one that got back to me was Love Journey. On her Amazon bio she states:  LOVE JOURNEY is a brown girl that’s captivated by the world of Asian dramas, culture, food, and music. She writes to show the world that Asian men and Black Women (AMBW) Romance is alive and well.

Love Journey provided me with a list of books that was influenced by her love of things Asian/Korean.

BOOK 1 – Paranormal Tiger Shifter Romance
A life of obligation is the only thing Mika has ever known.
She is one of the last female tiger-shifter. Her future has been decided – marry the tiger-shifter prince, produce children, and save the race. She has always followed a strict code of conduct and played by the rules. That is, until she meets Seungri.

She didn’t expect him to understand, but she hoped to have this one affair of the heart before settling into her life of loveless duty. As Seungri finds his way into her heart, Mika’s must decide between betraying her people or her soul mate. Time to decide.

Her Unexpected Fate is a short but sweet romance novella, with no graphic content. This can be read as a stand-alone novella.

AMBW Paranormal Shifter Romance Series:
Book 1 – Her Unexpected Fate
Book 2 – His Unexpected Love
Book 3 – Their Unexpected Legacy

I’ve read the first in the series, Her Unexpected Fate.  I’ve also grabbed the second one in the series. I thought Her Unexpected Fate sets the stage for part two.  I won’t give any details, but I liked it enough to read on. The world is interesting, and I look forward to seeing the further world building While this book isn’t set in the real world, Mika does fall in love with a man whose culture will mirror Korean culture in some ways.

If you like shapeshifters, the check out this song from the Kdrama, Gu Family Book.





For the Love of Korea: Rebel Seoul


When Jaewon is assigned to partner with supersoldier Tera in Neo Seoul’s top weapons development division, he must decide where he stands: with the people his rebel father protected or with the totalitarian government that claims it will end all war.


With this book, I haven’t read all of it yet, so I can’t offer a warning about content. This is a dystopian book set in a divided  Seoul.

I asked my Kdrama fan group for a song that would fit an dystopian novel to share, and I’ve selected this one by BTS.



For the Love of Korea: So I Married the Antifan

[Feature film adaption with EXO’s Chanyeol and Girl’s Generation’s Seohyun released in China July 2016]

Modern-day woman Geunyoung Lee struggles to make ends meet working as a lowly reporter for a magazine. She lives with a friend and barely scratches out her rent every month. On the other hand, male sex symbol Joon Hoo currently rides on top of the world. His movies become instant hits. Corporations clamber all over each other to pay for his product endorsements. Women adore him. His public image stays squeaky clean…that is, until one night he runs into Geunyoung at a club. Lee accidentally snaps a photo of Joon dumping a heartbroken young girl. He suddenly goes nuclear trying to protect his image, forcing Lee’s magazine to fire her. Now, despite losing her job and apartment, the intrepid young woman has taken on a new mission in life: Destroy Joon Hoo at all costs.

This manhwa is based on the novel of the same title written by Eunjung Kim, and its production is partly supported by SBA Seoul Animation Center.

Korea has their own manga/anime. It’s called manhwa (만화).


I’ve only read volume 1 so far, and it was cute. There was some kissing, and a woman in lingerie.

Interestingly I notice that there a Chinese drama based on the manhwa, starring EXO’s Chanyeol, so I’ve selected a song that features in to share today with you.  If you do go on to watch the C-drama (I plan to), just remember that everybody is dubbed.  It makes for interesting viewing, but after awhile you’ll start to recognize voice actors even though the physical actor changes.

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For the Love of Korea Sponsors

Last year at my book blog I hosted a K-book Blog Party.  You can check those books out by going here:

Contest from this previous event not valid

This year I’m doing things a little different.   First up,  I’m going to introduce the sponsoring authors.


Jennie Bennett is the author of K-pop Romance books such as Celebrity Superhero and #Fangirl Problems. Jennie loves all things Korean. You can find her at


The other sponsor is me.  I’m a Kdrama fan, and I also  enjoy some Kpop. (I’ll admit that most of the songs I have I track down because I heard it  in a show, and there’s a good chance I won’t recall who sings it. But don’t worry, I’m the same way with most music I enjoy from around the world. Isn’t the internet grand?)    I write romantic fantasy. While most fantasy is set in a medieval Europeon based world, the worlds I create are inspired by historic Korea.

Here’s one of my favorite Kpop tunes by  CNBlue.




For the Love of Korea Event


Korea has a vast and rich history.  Today we have the wonderful gift of learning more about Korea than ever before.  From folktales, to television and cinema, to Kpop (with BTS topping the USA Billboard charts), and now to literature.

And it’s that literature we are here to celebrate.

So let’s get the party started and talk Kpop!



What/who is your favorite Kpop band?  Share in the comments.

Enter to win an ebook copy of #Fangirl Problems by Jennie Bennett, and other prizes!



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**The Raffle has Ended and the winner has been notified**


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Asian Spec Fiction Sale


Asian Speculative Fiction Sale is going on May 24- May 28, 2018.

Great books for only 99 cents each!

Hosted by JC Kang here:


My 99 cents sale book is:

Chung Jo and the Sea Dragon ebook cover

See what reviewers have said:

chung jo review 4.JPG

chung jo review 3

chung jo review 2


I strive to write books that are family safe, and this was a fun book to write.

If you’d like to know more about the folktale that inspired me, come back this summer as I feature books set or inspired by Korea. (That includes Kpop!)

Scavenger Hunt: Indie E-Con 2018 Stop 16

I’m sorry to all of those who visited earlier and didn’t get to see this.   If I had been on top of it I would have posted my clue before I had the official post.

As an apology gift to you, click here for some printable bookmarks.


Here’s the guest post by Tricia Mingerink .

Sorry to everyone who has been trying to follow this scavenger hunt and was missing this post. For some reason I had it in my head the scavenger hunt was next week. Smart me tried to tell Over Achiever me that signing up to participate in a scavenger hunt a week before my latest book release wasn’t going to end well, but Over Achiever me convinced Smart me that I could handle it and it would be good marketing. Nope. I couldn’t handle it.

tricia_scavenger huntWhen I was two years old, I started drawing stories in notebooks with my crayons. By the time I was six, I decided I was going to be a published author someday. All through grade school and high school, I wrote. Short stories. Novels. Half-finished novels that will never see the light of day. I wanted to be just like my writing heroes, Laura Ingalls Wilder and C.S. Lewis (though I preferred to be published a little sooner than they were). I even went to college for writing.

Then I graduated, and reality hit. For some reason, I’d got it stuck in my head that I would be able to work a part time job, write, and somehow support myself that way.

Instead, I ended up with a full time job and—what I thought—was no time to write. After a year and a half of moping that life didn’t turn out the way I wanted, I gave myself a good mental shake, realized that God had placed me exactly where He wanted me to be, and stopped wasting time.

Right about then, I picked up The Blood of Kings trilogy by Jill Williamson and read them in a matter of days. Up until that point, I’d always written secular style fantasy. Besides C.S. Lewis, I didn’t realize there was such a thing as Christian fantasy until I read Jill Williamson’s books. I tracked down her publisher, Marcher Lord Press, which was transforming into Enclave Publishing. Their website introduced me to the whole world of Christian fantasy that was out there.

That same month, I sat down and started writing Dare, the first book in The Blades of Acktar series, a Christian Kingdom Adventure novel (a subgenre of Christian fantasy). By this point, I’d written enough and gained enough knowledge through my classes in college to know this book was different. It was something that could become something more than all the books I’d written up until that point.

On the Enclave Publishing website, I read a blog post by Nadine Brandes, began following her blog, and learned she was also an editor (she has since retired to concentrate on her writing her amazing books). When I finished the first draft of Dare, I sent it to her for my first professional edit and wrote book two while I waited for her verdict.

By the time I received her edit and encouragement, I was finished with book three and had researched publishing to the point I decided to indie publish. Dare released on June 2, 2015.

My process has refined somewhat since that first, messy draft, though I still tend to lean more towards writing a fast first draft with a minimal outline. When I get ideas for books, I usually know the beginning and ending of the book right away. Since I know most of the plot and the ending, I can get away with “pantsing” through the draft instead of writing an extensive outline.

I’ve also discovered that all the character sheets and outlining and brainstorming in the world can’t help me get into my characters’ heads unless I write their story. Once I know the plot and what decisions they make, I then backtrack in revision to discover why they are making those decisions. A bit backwards from the way most writing teachers will tell you to do it, but it works for me and that’s all that matters.

Not quite three years after my first book released, I’m the author of six published books, with my newest book Dagger’s Sleep releasing next Monday. My third book Defy was a finalist for the Alliance Award last year, while the fourth book Deliver is a semi-finalist this year. Here’s the link to vote in the Alliance Award. Hint: there are several indie authors on this list, including at least one other Indie-Con participant besides me.

I’m so very thankful for the community of indie authors I’ve discovered along the way. Many answered my questions and gave me a hand when I was the newbie author and needed that initial helping hand. Others have become good friends, including many of the indie authors who are participating in Indie-Con. I would list them all by name, but the list is long because the indie author community, and the Christian fantasy author community at large, is a tight-knit and welcoming group.

Along the way, my goals and dreams also matured and grew. When I was six, I wanted to be a published writer. Actually, I wanted to be a famous published writer, but I was six. The only authors I knew about where the famous ones. Then, in high school, I merely wanted to be published. Now my goal is to glorify God in my writing however He plans to use it. When I write, I pray that He shape my words and use them to touch hearts and lives wherever He brings them.

Your clue is:



indie econ scavenger hunt


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#fangirlproblems ARCs

fangirl problems

I’m excited to share this. My friend Jennie Bennett has a new book coming out. This is a charming little story about a Kpop fan and her bias, and their unlikely romance.

For sensitive readers, this book has some mild use of dang and dangit.  There’s also some kissing, a bit more so than Jennie’s other books, but nothing major.  This is a clean YA romance, and reads as such. If you want a deep romance, then this might not be for you. This is a sweet first romance.

Now, Jennie is raffling a $25 giftcard to reviewers. She won’t have your email unless you click the box to join her mailing list as a reviewer, so don’t forget.  You can your free copy here:


Talitha wanted one thing: to meet X-O’s Chansol, and this was her chance. As a culinary student, she was too poor to see the Kpop group in concert, but at least she could watch them walking by at the airport. As X-O is about to arrive, another fan claws through, knocking Talitha over.
Heartbroken, she heads to work, expecting another routine catering service, until she walks in to find herself face to face with Chansol. Instead of reacting like a normal person she breaks down in tears. Fight or flight kicks in and Talitha runs outside only to bump into the Korean paparazzi.
Worse yet, Chansol has followed her, and the paparazzi chase them off the premise. She thinks their escape together is an accident, but his motives for choosing Talitha are deeper than she expects.