Happy New Year, and some Clean Fantasy Dragon Reads

Happy New Year!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for making 2017 a good one. The support I’ve felt from readers has been heartwarming. I’m very grateful for you. I really do enjoy seeing my books and characters cared about. So thank you.

With that said, I would like to bring your attention to the Clean Fantasy Dragon Reads promo I’m participating in. Click the banner to go. This promotion runs January 3- 10th, and is hosted by author Emily Martha Sorensen.

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And don’t forget to head over to the Roxbury Dragons to celebrate the New Year. Click the banner below to attend.

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Fundraiser for author who suffered stroke

Back on August 29, 2017,  my dad, author Jerry Skell suffered a massive stroke.  This has left him with substantial medical debt on a retirement income.  (This has also left him unable to repair his furnace. )

So, together we are running this fundraiser to help raise some of the funds he needs to pay the remaining medical debt. (And ease his financial burden too.)

Goal is $2,000.

Need is: $2472.

You can help by buying  any, or all of our books. (I am not an Amazon affiliate, so these are not affiliate links. )

Or buy these three titles in one ebook:

If you don’t read on Amazon’s kindle, you can find my books at other retailers.  Learn more here.

Thank you for the consideration.


Farewell, 2017


The end of the year is fast approaching.  I’ve been happily spending the time with my family.  Thanks to readers like you, I was able to give my kids a nice Christmas gift. Buying books does make a difference in a writer’s life. I’m really excited continuing on in my author journey with you. Thank you for making 2017 awesome.

I’m finishing up the year doing some reading. I’ve been lucky to get some ARCs of some really good books.    I thought I’d share a few of my favorite titles this year.


Prepare for a good laugh with serious fan-girl Corrine meets her favorite Kpop idol.



Author Jennie Bennett again delivers a fun read.  When Kpop fan Anna discovers a childhood friend is her Kpop bias, a delightful romantic comedy begins.


A college student goes on a blind date and ends up in an adventure in this romantic comedy.


Epic fantasy. A young Russian girl rescues kidnapped girls and ends up in the midst of a battle to rule Moscow.

*Mild language (the b word gets used a bit much for me),  mild violence with blood, and some adult situations.


ashes on the moor

A wonderful heartwarming story about family and love.   Nearly as soon as Evangeline and her sister Lucy have buried their entire family, they are forced to move and separated. Evangeline works to prove to her relatives she is capable of providing for herself and her sister, and finds love along the way.

This book is due out  March 6th 2018 by Shadow Mountain.


Sometimes the person for you to love  is right before your eyes.


A delightful romance set in the Philippines.


Things change. You can either let it make your stronger, or destroy you.


What were some of your favorite books in 2017? 


newsletter status update for 2018


2018 is bringing some changes.

You may notice over the next couple of months that authors are asking you to reaffirm your subscription to their newsletters. This is because of some international changes which is pretty important we adhere to.  I’m watching the situation, and moving forward I’m not sure I’ll be continuing a newsletter.

But I am not vanishing.

I’m extremely grateful for your support. I’d like to share with you a few ways to make sure you always keep up to date on New Release information.  The follow sites will send you new release updates:





You can also opt to follow me here on my blog.

I also have created a facebook group for those of you who would love opportunities for Advanced Readers Copies.

Christmas Traditions

You can join the Christmas Party over at  Roxbury Dragons starting December 24th.

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. From the pretty decorated trees, the snow, to the music, I love it.

Growing up, my mom would host a Polish Christmas Eve dinner. It was both dreaded by us kids, and looked forward to.  Dinner was Polish food, with no meat. Which meant  lots of pierogis. (Being an extremely picky eater, I’d eat some fish sticks, and was often hungry.)  Traditionally the youngest in the family would keep an eye out for the first star of the night before we could eat. (If there is no star, you can not eat. )  An extra plate is left for a guest.  Mom would put a bit of hay in the middle of the table, and cover it with this table runner from Poland.

At the beginning of the meal, Dad (as head of household) would break a piece off a large wafer biscuit called an Oplatek, then  hand it to Mom, and it would go around the table. Then Mom would  give the last of it to the dog(s).

After dinner, we gathered for the telling of the Christmas story. Besides reading from the Bible, Mom would read The Littlest Angel.   I’m sure none of us had dry eyes at the end of this story.



What are some of your family Christmas traditions?



Win 14 Fantasy Paperbacks

What better way to start the new year than with 14 shiny fantasy paperbacks on your bookshelf?

Need more encouragement? Every participant can download a #free copy of Desire by
May Freighter for their trouble!

Enter here:

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The giveaway will run from Dec 1 – 31.

This giveaway is worldwide

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Distributor Pronoun is closing

Distributor Pronoun announced it is closing today. (You may have heard about it on facebook. A lot of author groups are talking about it, and it may have hit regular news feed.)   This will adversely affect many authors, especially one’s that used it as their primary distributor.

For me, it affects my ability to sell my books on Google Play.  So for now, you won’t be able to purchase them in the Google Play Store.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this causes.



November Newsletter

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This months newsletter is packed full of books, featuring sweet romances and some fantasy books.

You’ll also find a link to an Asian Speculative Fiction Sale.

Happy Reading!

Mailing List Update

Today I sent out an email regarding updating my mailing list, and asked that those readers who wish to remain subscribed to my list, go here.  You’ll be required to re-enter your email address.  I have selected a double opt in, so the email provider (in this case Mailerlite) will send you an email asking you to click and confirm your subscription. It will not add you to my mailing list with out that step.  This is to make sure I have a record of permission, and to protect readers. (I was surprised to learn that sometimes people get subscribed without permission, and I wish to protect the integrity of my list, and your inbox.)

This will be a two step process.

  1. Click this link and enter your email address.
  2.  Look in your inbox and click confirm subscription.

You may receive a welcome email from me after that, followed  by a brief info on some of my books in about a week. After that, expect an email about once a month.

You can unsubscribe at any time.

If you’d rather, you can also follow my blog here. I’ll be posting what I do in my mailing list here from now on.

Thank you for understanding.