The Long Week

Tomorrow will mark exactly one week from that horrible morning my father yelled for me, and said, “I’m having a stroke.” He’s come through a lot in that week. From neuro ICU and constant monitoring, to inpatient rehab. And yet, much is still uncertain.

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has sent prayers and well wishes.  Thank you.  Those prayers have been heard, and we draw strength from them. Please keep them coming.




Books I’ve been reading

Over at my book site, Roxbury Dragons, I review books in my blog.  I’ve been busy working my way through my Advanced Reader Copies, and some book I’ve grabbed because they caught my eye.

Growing up,  my favorites stores were bookstores. I knew where they were in the mall, and even the big super bookstores that eventually came to be.  A few years ago I learned about Netgalley, as I had met some book fans who got free books from publishers for their book blog. I had been reviewing books on my blog and watching the indie book movement, and signed up.

I love Netgalley.  I especially love when publishers give me real physical books to read.

So, lately, between cuddling and watching TV with my littlest, I’ve been reading. Here’s a few titles.


Lies Jane Austen Told Me is a fun romantic comedy. It’s by one of my favorite romance lines, A Proper Romance by Shadow Mountain.  You can be sure this title is a clean read.

Dongeng was an enjoyable visit to Malaysian folklore.  I look forward to reading more.

The Yard Sale is a Christian inspirational story about a family dealing with the kidnapping of 5 year old Cindi.  It was written by a friend of my parents, and when she told me that my parents appeared in it, I decided to read it.   I do believe that I should warn readers that there is a scene depicting the intent to molest a child.

I do want to mention this. In this book, there is a story related about a 5 year old girl named Elizabeth, who died in a drowning accident. Elizabeth’s tale was inspired by real events surrounding my sister, Elizabeth. When my mom finally took down her crib, there were many drawings under the mattress. Mom called those angels. She had one made into a needlepoint, which I have to this day.

You can read my full reviews by clicking the titles.

Family Fun

I like playing an online game called Wizard101. I’ve been playing it for several years now, and one of the best things about it is that it is a family friendly game.  I especially love it when my extended family plays with me.

When I started playing it, I picked the name Erica for my wizards. Mostly because, my boys were learning to read back then, and I wanted it to be easy for them to spot me. (Wizard101 gives you a set list of names you choose from. There’s been quite a few wizards with a rather famous Jedi’s name.)

My favorite wizard is my life wizard.



Chung Jo and the Sea Dragon – FREE today only

Kcon starts tomorrow, and so does the K-book Blog party!
To get ready, for today only you can get the ebook, Chung Jo and the Sea Dragon for free!

Chung Jo and the Sea Dragon ebook cover


Regularly priced $2.99.

Free to read in Kindle Unlimilited until Sept 19.

Join me at the Kbook Blog Party


Annyeonghaseyo. (This is the polite way to say hello in Korean.)  I’ve been busy organizing a blog party to celebrate Kpop/Kdrama books. This month in LA, is the official Kcon. It’s filled with concerts and meet and greets, and all sorts of exciting things.

And I can’t go.

But I can bring some of the excitment to my book website.

I was rather happy to discover there are quite a few other authors writing and publishing Kpop Romances. Now while I enjoy my romances on the clean and wholesome side, I know some readers like it hot and spicy. So, a few of the books come with an adult content warning. I hope you won’t mind.

Invite people you know who might like to dive into some Kpop/Kdrama inspired romance.

The party will be at Roxbury Dragons.

I hope to see you there.


Book Review: K-Love (A Korean Drama Series, Book 1)

Reblogging this instead of cross posting. This is a book you don’t want to miss.

KloveChase has been set up. She finds herself on a blind date with a Korean hottie, and all because her mom obsessively loves Korean romance dramas. It turns out that Daniel Bak is actually really dreamy, but things take a turn for the worse when Chase happens upon stolen research on her university professor’s laptop. It throws her into the arms of wealthy corporate heir Hyun Tae, who also happens to be Daniel’s best friend.

Caught between both men, and hunted down by a vengeful CEO, Chase must rely on Hyun Tae’s protection. But when the drama settles, where will her heart land?


My Review:

I loved this book. I loved Chase’s mother, Chase, Hyun Tae,  Daniel, and Jooh Suh.  Each character fit in nicely.

There were a few things to note: the authors are human. There are a few errors (omissions and typos.)  I mention this only so…

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#Kcon Book Sale August 9 – 11

Evangeline for cover
Only 99 cents!

Evangeline has lost her mother to cancer, and her father is rarely home.  Lonely and unhappy, she wishes that someone would be there for her.   A short time later, she is transported to Joseon era Korea.

This could be any Korean drama fan’s dream, right? Deciding she is dreaming, she sets off to make the best of it. Besides, it doesn’t hurt that Beom is handsome and reminds her of her favorite bias.

As for Beom, he’s not sure what to make of the maiden who mysteriously materialized before he eyes. But one thing he knows for sure is, he has to help her return home to her world, yet the longer he is with her, the more he wants her to stay.



#Kcon Book Special


joseon3DDboxset dragonkconspecial299
Sale Price Valid until August 8th. Regular price $4.99


Looking for a book fix that will feed your Kdrama addiction? Then look no further! Try one of my fantasy romance titles.

If fantasy isn’t your thing, check out the fine selection of books  over at Roxbury Dragons.


Update August 9th:

If you missed the sale price, and would like to check out my work with nothing more than giving me your email address and joining my mailing list, click here to get a special 2 Book Edition of my Joseon Fairy Tales Boxset.

This 2 book edition will not include Chung Jo and the Sea Dragon. But if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can currently borrow and read that for free. (It leaves KU in September.)


#Kcon 2017

I’m excited for a friend of mine.

She not only gets to go to Kcon in LA, but she’s going to be on a panel discussing her books, and fan-fiction in general.

I know that fan-fiction is frowned on by some folks. But… many books can be considered fan-fiction.

For instance,George Lucas was brilliant when it came to fan-fiction. He authorized it and we have a whole line of Star Wars books. (I’m sure I’m not the only person that can get Kpop hooked up to Star Wars.) How many folks may have discovered the books first? And of course, many movie fans became readers. And I bet Mr. Lucas got a nice chunk of royalties for the license to use Star Wars.

Fan-fiction doesn’t have to mean cheap knockoffs. Nor does it have to mean real-celebrity romances. That just gives it a bad name.

How many writers started off writing in their genre because of Jane Austen, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, EB White, or Stephen King? Jane Austen fans created two genres too, because not only do we have Regency romance (both the sweet and the bodice rippers), but we now have Jane Austen Fiction.

So, there’s a place for it.

I was a bit surprised when my own work was referred to has fan-fiction by someone. I never thought of it as fan-fiction, outside of the fact that I do enjoy a good drama story, and I love digging into Asian history and folklore. Because it’s interesting to me.  But yes, fans are giving rise to what I hope will be a good and lasting genre of it’s own. (In fact, I know several other authors writing K-fiction.)

Also, I’m preparing for some fun things for the week of the convention to bring attention to not only to Kpop Romance books, but Asian fantasy too. (Especially mine, because you know, I love my heart warming little stories, and I hope you will too.)