Distributor Pronoun is closing

Distributor Pronoun announced it is closing today. (You may have heard about it on facebook. A lot of author groups are talking about it, and it may have hit regular news feed.)   This will adversely affect many authors, especially one’s that used it as their primary distributor.

For me, it affects my ability to sell my books on Google Play.  So for now, you won’t be able to purchase them in the Google Play Store.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this causes.




November Newsletter

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This months newsletter is packed full of books, featuring sweet romances and some fantasy books.

You’ll also find a link to an Asian Speculative Fiction Sale.

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Today I sent out an email regarding updating my mailing list, and asked that those readers who wish to remain subscribed to my list, go here.  You’ll be required to re-enter your email address.  I have selected a double opt in, so the email provider (in this case Mailerlite) will send you an email asking you to click and confirm your subscription. It will not add you to my mailing list with out that step.  This is to make sure I have a record of permission, and to protect readers. (I was surprised to learn that sometimes people get subscribed without permission, and I wish to protect the integrity of my list, and your inbox.)

This will be a two step process.

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Thank you for understanding.

Halloween Sale – Ghosts and Romance

Eun Na and the Phantom halloween
check the price before you buy, as some retailers take longer to update. 

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The Customs of Chuseok 추석


With my last post, I briefly touched on how  Chuseok is the mid-autumn festival, or Korean Thanksgiving.  During this time, Koreans travel to spend time with family, and to enjoy food together.

Another thing they do is they honor their ancestors. Charye is the first ancestorial memorial rite peformed on Chuseok, and it honors four generations back. One of the most interesting things to me with this is that, they believe that life doesn’t end at death, and that family ties are eternal.  In fact, you could say, their hearts are turned towards the fathers, and the hearts of the fathers are turned to them.*  I love how the Korean culture cherishes family.

During the coming week, they will tend to the graves, pulling weeds.

Food is enjoyed, small gifts are exchanged, and games are played. One such game is Hwatu.


Piggyrabbit ** enjoys playing Hwatu

As a special gift on Chuseok, I’m giving away limited copies of Evangeline today. The password for the instafreebie giveaway is chuseok.

And these printable bookmarks.

Don’t forget to visit the Book Festival over at my book blog, Roxbury Dragons.

*As a member of the Mormon church, we believe that in the last days the Biblical promise to Elijah will be fullfilled, and the hearts of the children will turn to the fathers, and the fathers to the children. An eternal chain of the family, linking generations.

Old Testament. Malachi 4:5-6

I see the Korean people’s love for their ancestors as part of this promise, for not only do you seek to care for them, but they seek to care for you from heaven.

** Did you  know that Piggyrabbit stars in the popular Kdrama You’re Beautiful, and the Taiwanese remake Fabulous Boys?

Chuseok 추석

Autumn is the time of harvest.  Lots of yummy foods, just before winter. In the days of old, this was also the time when food was the most plentiful.

In Korea, on the 15th day of the 8th month lunar month they celebrate a mid-autumn holiday called Chuseok 추석. It has also been called the “Korean Thanksgiving.”

Despite being called the Korean Thanksgiving here in the west, it isn’t celebrated the same as our American Thanksgiving. For one thing, we celebrate often with a delicious turkey dinner. Korean’s celebrate with traditional food of their own. Yet, there is one more thing in common besides giving thanks for a bountiful harvest. Family is central. Koreans visit with family. (Even immediate ancestors.)

Chuseok has several stories of origin.  One is that it started out as Gabae, during the third king’s reign of Silla.  (Silla was one of the three kingdoms during the Three Kingdoms time frame of Korean history.) Gabae was a month long weaving contest. The losing team had to treat the winners to a feast.

Another possibility is that it originates from ancient celebrations of the Harvest Moon. (And you’ll notice that many Asian cultures celebrate Harvest Moon.)

I hope you have enjoyed my brief over view on Chuseok. To start off the festivities, I’ve rounded up some books to share.  Please visit my book blog at


At these retailers and more

Evangeline         Eun Na and the Phantom     Foxtails     Chung Jo and the Sea Dragon

Queen for Seven Days

Image used with permission from  Dramafever.  Click to go watch.

This past week, I started to work on my next WIP and started a new Korean drama.  Queen for Seven Days caught my eye. It does seem a tragic title. I mean, why only seven days? In fact, the first episode starts with our leading lady, Chaegyeong, on her way to the hangman’s noose as a disposed queen.

So, as my husband has been home playing Skyrim, often with our younger son sitting by him chatting, I have been watching Queen for Seven Days. (The set up goes like this: oldest son is busy creating his own reports and fantasy set ups. He has type written pages of history, battle and weaponry, and even a chart of his military order. Daughter is either playing nearby, or cuddled up next to me, sharing my headset. The other son, often giggling and chatting Skyrim tactics with the hubs. Me, watching a drama.)

Since I’m watching it on my phone, the only synopsis I’ve read is: She thought the world was hers when she married the king. Seven days later, she lost everything.

I’m thinking that can’t be it.  It’s going to have a happy ending, right? (Although, the little voice in the back of my head is saying this is a Korean drama. Sometimes they have really crappy endings. In which case, I do what any good drama watcher does–I rewrite it in my own imagination.)

I’m on episode 15. I have 5 more to go.  I am loving and rooting for Yeok and Chaegyeong.  The king, Yung, I feel for.  He may not be a nice guy, and he can be downright scary, but is it his circumstances that created him? (The acting is brilliant  by the way, and that’s probably why you really feel for the king, even as you hate him.)

Now, for the whole point of this post.  The other day, I decided to do a quick internet search on Prince Jinseong (Yeok.) And realized he is King Jungjong. The king that I mention briefly in my book, Evangeline.

Which means, the very day when my husband was home from work, he got to listen to my excited chatter on that. About the drama,  Jungjong, and how he had Jo Gwang Jo killed, although in Evangeline, he doesn’t, because then my king and crown prince wouldn’t have been born. (What’s the fun of writing fantasy if you can’t take creative license with alternative world settings? If readers go on to study  the real people and real history, that’s awesome.) And my husband is just smiling and  listening, which is pretty darn cool. (Because, sometimes he gets irritated when I’m rambling.  I don’t always chatter in a linear fashion. I jump all over the place, and back and forth. I’m sure I confuse people.)

(Also, there’s a wedding scene, so you can see a traditional Korean wedding. I just love seeing them.)

The Long Week

Tomorrow will mark exactly one week from that horrible morning my father yelled for me, and said, “I’m having a stroke.” He’s come through a lot in that week. From neuro ICU and constant monitoring, to inpatient rehab. And yet, much is still uncertain.

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has sent prayers and well wishes.  Thank you.  Those prayers have been heard, and we draw strength from them. Please keep them coming.



Books I’ve been reading

Over at my book site, Roxbury Dragons, I review books in my blog.  I’ve been busy working my way through my Advanced Reader Copies, and some book I’ve grabbed because they caught my eye.

Growing up,  my favorites stores were bookstores. I knew where they were in the mall, and even the big super bookstores that eventually came to be.  A few years ago I learned about Netgalley, as I had met some book fans who got free books from publishers for their book blog. I had been reviewing books on my blog and watching the indie book movement, and signed up.

I love Netgalley.  I especially love when publishers give me real physical books to read.

So, lately, between cuddling and watching TV with my littlest, I’ve been reading. Here’s a few titles.


Lies Jane Austen Told Me is a fun romantic comedy. It’s by one of my favorite romance lines, A Proper Romance by Shadow Mountain.  You can be sure this title is a clean read.

Dongeng was an enjoyable visit to Malaysian folklore.  I look forward to reading more.

The Yard Sale is a Christian inspirational story about a family dealing with the kidnapping of 5 year old Cindi.  It was written by a friend of my parents, and when she told me that my parents appeared in it, I decided to read it.   I do believe that I should warn readers that there is a scene depicting the intent to molest a child.

I do want to mention this. In this book, there is a story related about a 5 year old girl named Elizabeth, who died in a drowning accident. Elizabeth’s tale was inspired by real events surrounding my sister, Elizabeth. When my mom finally took down her crib, there were many drawings under the mattress. Mom called those angels. She had one made into a needlepoint, which I have to this day.

You can read my full reviews by clicking the titles.