Fundraiser: Get free book(s) when you donate

(The above photo is of when Jenny met Koda for the first time.)

Help us bring Koda Home.

My sister Jenny is a single mother, and disabled veteran. Recently, her cherished English Bulldog, Izzy, passed away. This dog was instrumental in her recovery for double breast cancer and surgery, and was a perfect support animal for her battle against MS, Anxiety, and Depression.

She needs help to bring home her new puppy, Koda.  Please consider a small donation today.  The GoFundMe link is:

Like Izzy,  Koda will be an emotional support animal.   

In some juridictions, there is no distinction between an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) and a Service Animal (SA). But there is a difference in them. An ESA provided emotional support to their person, whereas a  SA performs a specified task for their person. Tasks can include calming  a person suffering from PTSD, to reminding their person to take their medication.

Jenny has suffered from  PTSD, Severe Anxiety, and Depression. She also has Multiple Sclerosis.  Jenny is also a cancer survivor.

An ESA would be greatly beneficial for her, but on her limited disability income she can’t afford to buy one on her own. That is where your help comes in.  Every donation will go towards the cost of this puppy.

An English Bulldog is an excellent choice for Jenny as an emotional support animal. Due to MS,  she often has difficultly  walking or chronic pain. An English bulldog, a gentle companion,  prefers to walk at a slower gait.  The tend to be lazy.   Due to stature, they often need to be born by c-section. This does increase the price.

Jenny already has a puppy on hold. We need your help  to be able to bring  her home.

Because Jenny is important to me, here’s what you get when you donate.

For every $5 donation, you can pick one of my digital books.



For any donation of $25 I’ll give you all four digital books!

For any donation of  $50,  you can  pick one in paperback!

In addition, for any donation of $100 or more, you’ll receive a signed paperback of any one of my titles, your choice.

To receive your free gift for donating, send me a screen shot of your donation. Once I’ve confirmed it, I’ll handle the details  on an individual manner with you.)


*for any donations from outside of the USA Continental mailing area, some restrictions may apply. (Due to high mailing cost, a signed copy may not be possible. This will be handled on an individual basis.)

*ebooks may be awarded from instafreebie or bookfunnel, or through another channel at the author’s discretion.

*Any names and mailing address obtained for this giveaway will only be used to send the book(s), and shall not be retained for any other purpose.


Send your screen shot to :  erica @















































































































































































































































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