Ten Totally Unromantic Romance Clichés That Need to Go Very Far Away

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The Art of Mirriam Neal

I’m as romantic as the next person, but let’s face it – it’s hard to find a well-written romance in fiction these days. From poorly-written triangles to relationships based solely on sex, it can be difficult to find any kind of fictional romance that doesn’t make me want to slam the book against my forehead before tossing it out the window. A romance, even as a subplot, can make or break a book, and so today I want to touch down on a few of the nastier commonalities found in fictional romances.

Note: As always, these are my opinions and do not reflect the collective opinion of all readers everywhere. You may agree or disagree with my points, and as always, there are exceptions to every rule.

  • Arm-grabbing/dragging. Now this may very well be one of the most iconic tropes in KDrama history, but 99.9% of the time, this ain’t…

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